Roots, craftsmanship, beauty are the key to discovering the identity of the Castori world.


… That are deeply set in Naples, birthplace and place of growth for the brand that feeds on her, absorbs the energy of her soul, lets itself be guided by

her spirit, which, between the warmth of the sky and the color of the sea, recognizes the essence of Castori.

… That thrive thanks to past traditions, an inextinguishable source of stability and guardians of life, but also roots which know how to find new sources

to feed and fortify themselves.

Castori's values, work and product are modern witnesses of the history and customs of the city of Naples and of this and they represent the beauty,

vitality, sensuality, classicism, lightness, art, and its other wonders.

… Anchored to the family. Castori's attitude is not just a choice, but a natural inclination, rooted in memories of childhood and family, permeated by the

passion for footwear, and carried forward with decision every day.

A generational bond that the brand wants to share, transferring the secrets of its philosophy.



… Which unfolds in the skilled hands of those who shape a design, one piece at a time, a shoe. The semplicity of a gesture that conceals and at the

same time reveals knowledge and profound experience. In the workshops, among those hands, where Castori products are born, you can breathe the

attention to detail and care for each phase of workmanship, guarantee of an excellent result.

…Of made-to-order, as the maximum expression of uniqueness. A feature that the brand seeks not only for footwear, but also in the experience for its

customers, designed along a path of tailoring of taste that, from the beginning, proposes values ​​of mastery, solidity, competence, dexterity and


… Written in the DNA of Made in Italy. A country that has always stood out for its craftsmanship, which throughout the world speaks of the highest

quality. Castori, like many Italian brands, embraces the honor of this tradition and the responsibility to narrate it with its own products.



... exclusive, which shows itself to those who know how to see it, to those who know how to get excited by the quality, to those who have the

sensitivity to understand it and discover the smallest details and marvel at them. It is to these people that Castori wants to arrive with their own

beauty, the one that the brand's products can evoke. The harmony of Castori brand opens up in the impeccable encounter between tradition and

modernity, dedicated to the niche of admirers of the culture of beauty in all its forms and of luxury.


Guided by a natural inclination towards beauty, Castori dedicates passion and skills to the creation of exclusive footwear and accessories,

becoming the ambassador for the tailoring of taste.

Castori brings to the field the excellent Italian craftsmanship tradition, with the desireto share Its own world with the admirers of beauty and

communicate emotion for qualityand uniqueness.

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