Footwear and Belts

Our leathers, from the finest selections, show natural features such as fine wrinkles, veins or slight marks which only add to their beauty and it is not a defect of the material.


The shape and comfort of our shoes result from their design in keeping with the finest hand-crafted traditions and techniques.

A few simple gestures will make them even more comfortable and keep them looking beautiful.

We suggest that you:

-take care to unlace and open them before putting them on or taking them off, in order to keep them comfortable and in shape;

-do not wear them two days in a row, so that the leather can breathe;

-every time you wear them, insert wooden shoe tres to preserve the original shape and smartness;

-store them in the cotton slipcover offered during your purchase and keep them in a dry place away from any source of heat or light.


Regular care will ensure the long life of your shoes.

Before any cleaning, we recommend you dust your shoes with the help of a soft brush.

Patina finish leather

Clean it with a dry, clean and slightly damp cloth. we advise you to nouirishing colorless cream. don’t use wax as this will alter the patina finish on your shoes. to restore luster to your patina, don’t hesitate to go to the boutique so that our leather expert can organize for the shoes to be thoroughly restored by our craftsmen.

Smooth or grained leather

Clean it with a soft, clean and slightly damp cloth. we recommend you nourish the leather twice a month with the help of a nourishing colorless cream and a wax which will preserve its appearance and restore its original luster.

Patent or mirror leather

Clean it with a soft, clean and slightly damp cloth. finish by polishing it with a soft and dry cloth.

Suede leather

Clean it with a crepe rubber brush. we recommend you apply a colorless waterproofing and anti-stain spray before wearing your shoes and after every time you clean them.

Exotic leather

Clean it with a soft, clean and dry cloth, while following the direction of the scales.


For thorough cleaning, we invite you to contact our customer care.

Some small tips for the maintenance of our horn accessories

Castori horn products have been conceived and designed to be used and appreciated, not just to look beautiful. By following some simple guidelines you can keep the products bright and shiny as the day they were purchased. If treated with proper attention our creations can last a lifetime.

It is important to wash the product by hand with only tepid water and very mild soap, rub it gently with a soft cloth and towel it dry immediately.

Never leave the product soaking in water, do not use hot or boiling water, avoid chemicals and aggressive detergents or abrasive cleaning materials and make sure that the horn product does not have any contact with sharp objects.

From time to time your hornware will benefit from a little extra attention. Use a soft cloth sprinkled with a little vegetable oil over the direction of the grain and buff it using a soft lint-free cloth. These little touches will restore the shine and preserve the natural beauty of the horn.


Do not display the horn object in direct sunlight, under bright lights, near heaters, air conditioning units, or near windows and exterior walls. This will protect the horn from fading and will help to avoid any cracking or movement. The horn is a granular material and has the ability to swell when exposed to too much moisture.

It is advisable to keep items in a dry enviroment without too extreme temperature changes.


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